5 of the Most Unique Downtown Nashville, TN, Bars

You may know about some of the most famous downtown Nashville, TN, bars, on Broadway. From Nashville bars with live music to the Nashville main drag, you will discover some great drinks, food, and atmospheres. However, there are some much more unusual bar experiences awaiting during your Music City, USA, visit! Here are 5 of the most unique downtown Nashville, TN, bars.

Nashville is known for its flourishing music scene, which comes alive at night in neon lights and music across the city. For more information on downtown Nashville, TN, bars and nightlife, read our blog on 7 of the best downtown bars!

Unique Downtown Nashville, TN, Bars

Nashville Pedal Tavern

Hop on, pedal, and sip! The Nashville Pedal Tavern is Music City’s premier party bike. Enjoy this unique option of downtown Nashville, TN, bars as you make your way through scenic Nashville while drinking AND burning calories. What a great combination! You will enjoy a two-hour route in the custom 15-passenger bicycle led by a certified tour guide. As you make your way past Broadway’s legendary honky-tonks and Midtown’s Music Row, you’ll get to sip on your beer of choice! BYOB, and the Nashville Pedal Tavern provides a cooler, ice, and cups for your enjoyment.

Nashville Party Barge

One of the best things to do in Nashville is hitch a ride on the famous party barge. The Nashville Party Barge is perfect for a bachelorette or bachelor party or any kind of celebration! Climb aboard the distinctive pontoon boat on wheels with 14 of your closest friends and enjoy a private tour of the city. Sit back on the luxurious ride and bring your own beverages to sip during the adventure. The Party Barge will provide a cooler and ice. Trust us; this is a one-of-a-kind Nashville experience that you will remember for years to come!  

Sprocket Rocket Party Bike

Party bikes are all the rage, and a Nashville favorite is the Sprocket Rocket. Enjoy state-of-the-art electric motor assist for when your feet are too tired to pedal or stick it out for the whole ride for an accomplished feeling! These 16-person party bikes allow you to indulge in one of the best downtown Nashville, TN, bars on wheels. Pedal your way through Music City while enjoying your favorite beer or wine.

Nashville Party Wagon

Unlike its pedal-heavy contemporaries, the Nashville Party Wagon has no extra effort involved. Simply climb on board the John Deere tractor-attached wagon and make your way throughout the country capital of the world! This true Southern experience will allow you a two-hour scenic tour where the only legwork will be dancing! Bring some Nashville craft brews to sip along the way. Then, traverse the Gulch, Midtown, and beautiful downtown with up to 20 people.

General Jackson Showboat

Now, you might have thought that downtown Nashville, TN, bars on wheels were unique, but we can one-up that with a bar on the water! The General Jackson Showboat is a favorite attraction for drinking and live music. And it’s located on the Cumberland River aboard one of the largest showboats ever built! Enjoy elegant lacy filigree along the facade and the interior opulence of the American Victorian era! This showboat holds over 1,000 passengers and features some amazing entertainment that you will love.

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