Experience the Most Interesting History at the Tennessee State Museum!

Nashville, Tennessee is home to some of the United States’ best cultural relics! From country music icons to Civil War-era monuments, this city is a gold mine for history buffs. One of the best stops to make here is the Tennessee State Museum! At this popular spot, visitors from all over the world come to enjoy exhibits about Tennessee’s interesting past. Here is everything you need to know before visiting this awesome attraction!

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What You Need to Know About the Tennessee State Museum

Tennessee State Museum Facts

The Tennessee State Museum has taken multiple forms through the years. First, in 1817, portrait artist Ralph E.W. Earl opened an art museum on the Nashville Public Square. For years, that building would house countless pieces of Tennessee’s best art. One of the earliest items displayed at the museum was a life-sized painting of General Andrew Jackson. That same painting hangs in the Tennessee State Museum today!

By 1937, the museum had evolved into a sanctuary for World War I mementos. In 1981, these and other relics were moved into the James K. Polk Center. Now, the Tennessee State Museum occupies three floors and spans approximately 120,000 square feet! In the near future, the museum will relocate into a brand new spot by Centennial Park and the Nashville Farmers Market. We can’t wait to see the new Tennessee State Museum!

Exhibits of the Tennessee State Museum

Tennessee State Museum exhibits take on one of three forms: Permanent, temporary, or traveling. No matter what kind they are, each exhibit features a unique mix of Tennessee-made furniture, silver, weapons, quilts, and paintings. Visitors will even find a life-sized water wheel and replicas of an 18th-century print shop, a pioneer cabin, and an Antebellum parlor.

In terms of Civil War-era artifacts, the Tennessee State Museum’s holdings are the nation’s best. On your visit, discover countless uniforms, battle flags, and weapons. There are also special exhibits centered upon African American involvement in the Civil War. For those particularly interested in war-related mementos, a separate branch of the Tennessee State Museum called The Military Museum can be found across the street. This amazing Tennessee military museum features exhibits on overseas conflicts like the Spanish-American and second World Wars.

Finally, the museum features abundance of unique items associated with famous Americans like Daniel Boone, James K. Polk, Andrew Johnson, David Crockett, and many more.

Admission Information

The Tennessee State Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. On Sundays, the museum admits visitors between 1 and 5 p.m.. The best part about planning a visit to this iconic place is that admission is free! Most temporary exhibits are also free, but some may occasionally charge for admission.

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Tennessee State Museum

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