If you own or are thinking of acquiring a vacation rental property in Nashville, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. We were Music City, USA's first Licensed Vacation Rental Management Firm and are growing our inventory of managed properties every day. Just shoot us an email or complete this inquiry form and we will respond promptly!

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Why Owners Choose Playlist Properties?

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Playlist Properties. Our owner is a local Nashvillian and loves to celebrate Music City, USA!  Playlist Properties was Nashville's FIRST 100% locally owned and operated licensed Vacation Rental Management Firm.

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This increases both search rankings and bookings. Because of our current inventory of Nashville vacation rentals, we are able to take inquiries from one that may be booked and filter them to others, increasing your visibility more than ten times over!

In addition to using a high-level pricing tool, we are constantly aware of market rates incomparable properties, Nashville Special Events, and Seasonality factors. We start with dynamic pricing models, based on seasons and current occupancy. Plus, being seasoned Nashville locals, we have a significant advantage with our fingers on the pulse of what is happening in Music City at any given time.

WE follow strict protocols for confirming guest identity. This allows us to keep a close eye on your investments as guests enjoy it as their home away from home.

This helps us follow a strict cleaning checklist and monitor the properties before and after guests come in. To ensure we're keeping you and your family, friends, and special someone safe on your Music City getaway, we've elevated our cleaning standards. Our housekeeping staff are our employees, allowing us more direct control over housekeeping standards and security, as opposed to contracting out the cleaning to various companies.


We purchase and allocate all of the guest amenities and supplies for our properties.

Not only do we take care of bookings, monetary deposits/ refunds, welcome packets, check-ins, parking passes, laundry, linen inspection. We also take care of your property with scheduled air filter changes, smoke detector battery replacements, refrigerator filter replacements, and most importantly, keeping records of collecting and submitting short-term rental taxes to the city, county, and state agencies.

Nashville’s First Luxury Property Management Company

We welcome the opportunity to share with you our approach to property management. We work closely with our owners to develop a plan that will meet their expectations. Swipe through the panels below to learn more about what makes Playlist: Distinctive, Qualified, and Working for You!


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We distribute our listings on more channels than most national management channels, including PlaylistProperties.com and:

  • VRBO
  • HomeAway
  • Airbnb
  • Trip Advisor
  • Flipkey
  • Booking.com
  • Priceline.com
  • Tripping.com
  • Kayak
  • Expedia
  • Travelocity
  • Hotels.com
  • Orbitz
  • Ryanair
  • Vaystays
  • EasyJet Holidays
  • 139 Additional International Channels
  • 14 HomeAway Partner Sites Internationally

We run a Linen Pool, which means owners simply pay a fair rate to rent the use of our linens for their property. When linens are worn or damaged, owners do not need to be bothered with replacing linens, trying to match the existing sets. We take care of maintaining the linen pool. In addition, with our new laundry facility, our linens are laundered off-site, to OSHA standards.

The Playlist staff is ALWAYS readily available on the other end of the phone, whether a guest has questions about renting your property, or you, as an owner, have questions for us. We are always here. You will never be shuffled from departments, and you will always know who you are speaking to.

We also greet our guests with southern hospitality and have local recommendations for our favorite restaurants and music venues in Nashville. You can't get that with other property management companies since many are not local to the area of their rental properties. We will also keep a close eye on your property, especially during inclement weather.

Playlist Properties reads every review that is posted on every property. This allows us to know exactly which features we should be highlighting in our vacation rental listings, or if there is room for enhancement.


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We started back in 2010 managing our own property as a vacation rental, so we truly understand what is important to you, the property owner. We have had the same concerns and questions you might have now. Our firsthand experience as property owners enables us to understand your needs perfectly. Before we became licensed and took on additional properties, we had already established our own repertoire of best practices, policies, and procedures.

First and foremost, when you choose to have someone assist you with your property, it is important to make sure they are operating within the laws and regulations of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. In Tennessee, a real estate broker or an affiliate broker’s license DOES NOT cover vacation rental management. Playlist is the ONLY local firm with proper licensure in accordance with TREC to manage vacation rental properties, and we are the local experts!

We LOVE Nashville! We truly do love Nashville and all it has to offer our visitors. Our passion and excitement about our city is reflected in our southern hospitality and the in the level of customer service all your guests will receive. We make sure each guest feels they are special and unique. We often check our guests in personally and give them a quick but thorough tutorial on all things Nashville. We make sure they have all of the information they need to make the most of their stay in your property.

We understand that your time is precious and we’d love to see how we can best maximize your property’s earning potential. With the reach of our marketing, where we list our properties, our extensive repeat guest contact list, and the time we spend target marketing – we can look at your current booked rate and focus on filling in the gaps! We not only track city events, we will get the best rates for you on any given night due to our understanding and utilization of LOCAL market rates.

Are you paying the proper taxes? Do you have the proper required permitting? Do you understand the laws and regulations pertaining to your vacation rental? YOU DON’T NEED TO! Playlist has complete knowledge of all state, county and city requirements and will take care of them as your property management team.

Also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is being looked after by locals. When temperatures rapidly drop, we are pro-actively in your property preventing freezing pipes and other possible damage. After heavy rainstorms, we check for leaks or flooding. You can rest assured that we are watching over and protecting your investment.

Our high standards have helped us to build a strong reputation and lasting impression with guests. We work one-on-one with each property owner to ensure that their rental will receive great reviews and repeat guests. All of our properties get staged for professional photography, are well-maintained, ultra-clean, and use our high-quality linens. Each property is inspected on a regular basis to help us keep it in great shape and well-appointed. We will even help with décor and functionality ideas if needed to maximize the appeal on-line and in person!

Service & Fees

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Our entry rate to manage a new property is 20% of gross monies collected on the property, not to include damage waivers or management related guest fees. If your property is already currently being run as a vacation rental and has existing listings with reviews, we can assess the value and discuss options.

  • Advertise your property both locally and internationally
  • Manage your property’s listing site including inquiries, bookings, visuals, guest screening, reviews, etc.
  • Interview potential guests to make sure they are a good fit for your property
  • Manage all incoming and outgoing guest-related monetary transactions
  • Monthly pay-out to you, the owner, including guests number of days rented, paid rates, deposits, expenses, taxes collected and paid, etc.
  • Inspect your property before and after each rental and do an inventory inspection
  • Personally welcome guests
  • Organize repairs, maintenance, and provide receipts
  • Collect and make payments for required taxes
  • Maintain proper permitting for your property
  • Directly manage your property’s housekeeping, maintaining high-quality standards
  • Communicate with you as often or a little as you like

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