How a Downtown Nashville Grocery Store Can Save You Money on Vacation

The perfect way to customize your meals during your Nashville vacation and save money on eating out is to rent a vacation home during your stay. At Playlist Properties, our vacation homes feature fully equipped kitchens, among other luxurious amenities, allowing you to be in control of your food! You don’t have to eat out every night of your stay. Instead, dine in the comfort of your own vacation home with ingredients from a local downtown Nashville grocery store! Or, if you’re out on the go, stop in for a quick meal instead of spending your time waiting for your order at a restaurant. Not only will you save money, but something even more valuable during your Nashville trip- time!

There are some wonderful options for creating your own meals from ingredients at a downtown Nashville grocery store. Discover which shops are just blocks away from our Playlist Properties vacation homes! Then, select which location works best for your Nashville vacation.

Our Favorite Downtown Nashville Grocery Stores

Through there is a Kroger in downtown Nashville and Whole Foods in downtown Nashville, as well as a Publix and Trader Joe’s, we believe in shopping local! You will find a truly unique experience at these one-of-a-kind downtown Nashville grocery stores.

H G Hill Urban Market

When you’re on the go but don’t want to splurge on a full lunch or dinner, try making your own meal from ingredients at a downtown Nashville grocery store. Get your essential grocery shopping done at the H G Hill Urban Market in a flash so you can enjoy all that Nashville has to offer! This is also a great place to stock your Playlist Properties vacation home for the week. Across the street from Printer’s Alley and just two blocks from our properties in The Quarters and near our four rentals in The Gulch, this downtown Nashville grocery store is quite convenient! It also features the only full-service bakery and deli downtown.

The Turnip Truck

The absolute favorite downtown Nashville grocery store is The Turnip Truck, with a main location in the Gulch as well as one in East Nashville. This organic grocery shop provides fresh, local, and natural foods to locals and visitors alike. With a strong belief in the timeless power of ethically grown and locally harvested food, you will be eating the highest quality ingredients and supporting local at the same time! Along with purchasing individual ingredients, you can also buy organic juices and natural smoothies at The Turnip Truck. Featuring delicious, healthy fruits and veggies like oranges, cucumbers, apples, beets, pineapple, and more, these are great options for an on-the-go snack or meal. They also have fun names, such as Ninja Turtle, The Hulk, Elvis Presley, and Grace Kelly.

Cook Your Own Meals in Your Playlist Properties Kitchen

The advantage of booking a vacation home instead of a hotel is being in control of your own space! Our Playlist Properties vacation homes feature beautiful, fully equipped kitchens ideal for making your own vacation meals. Several of our properties with outdoor decks also feature outdoor grills for barbecuing and alfresco dining spaces. Save money on eating out and be in control of your own food preferences by cooking your own meals at your vacation home!