3 Reasons Why You Need to Discover the East Nashville Music Scene

Nashville, Tennessee’s claim to fame has long been its thriving entertainment ecosystems. Here in Music City, visitors and locals alike are able to listen to celebrity artists at the enormous Bridgestone Arena on one night and head out to experience the rough-around-the-edges East Nashville music scene on the next. There are numerous reasons for checking out East Nashville bands and the venues at which they play, but we’ll provide the top three reasons!

Getting a feel for the East Nashville music scene is the best way to spend the majority of your getaway in Music City. Once you’ve had your fill of Americana jams and alt-country masterpieces at East Nashville indie concerts, consult our free Nashville Travel Guide for more of the area’s best attractions. The guide consists of hand-picked events, festivals, and activities that you won’t want to miss here!

3 Reasons Why You Need to Discover the East Nashville Music Scene

It’s Where Nashville’s Alternative Music Lives

It’s a well-known fact that Downtown Nashville is like Disney World for country music lovers. But what about other genres of music? For those who have never visited Music City, it’s hard to know if the area supports more than quintessential Honky-tonk. Rest assured: The East Nashville music scene is full of all kinds of genres, including some you’ve never heard of. Experts estimate that the East Nashville Music Scene flourishes because musicians can afford to live there. The average monthly rent payment is $650, 9.5% lower than the national average!

The Venues Are Numerous

Music City is home to some of the world’s best and biggest stages. As important as the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman, and Nissan Stadium are for big-budget shows, there are plenty of smaller, more charming venues that host smaller concerts. Many of them can be found in East Nashville! These days, Nashville is a hotbed for every sound imaginable. Because of this, music lovers of all shapes and sizes are sure to find their new favorite venue here! The East Nashville music scene thrives in unlikely places like Fond Object Records, The Family Wash garage-style coffee shop, Queen Avenue, and The East Room, just to name a few venues. Many East Nashville music stores and cafes double as concert venues in the evenings; these are the most likely places to stumble upon some of Nashville’s indie music!

It’s Off the Beaten Path

East Nashville is like its own city. Downtown Nashville may be abuzz with visitors from all over the globe because of its treasured Americana-themed attractions, but East Nashville features a low-key vibe and neighborly attitude that make it seem distant from the hustle and bustle. Musicians, visual artists, and the like hide away in East Nashville hangouts for a reason! Pop in some of the venues listed above and you’re bound to meet several songwriters.

Stay Somewhere That’s as Cool as East Nashville’s Music Scene

East Nashville live music is the perfect excuse to take a trip to Music City! Grab a few friends, pack your bags, and come broaden your music horizons. If you ever get tired of enjoying the East Nashville music scene, there are plenty of coffee shops, farm-to-table eateries, and chic places to stay. Make your place to stay a Playlist Property! These urban rental homes are super clean, luxurious, and close to all of the best Nashville music spots!

One of the most ideal places for a group to call their home away from home is our Music City Scene. It sleeps up to 12 people and features amazing amenities like a spacious, ready-for-socializing floor plan, private rooms with plush beds, and a massive kitchen. In addition, Music City Scene has plenty of plush seating in the living area and an awe-inspiring back deck!

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The East Nashville music scene is calling. Will you discover your next favorite band here? Book your stay today and start planning!