Why You Need to Visit The Hermitage in Nashville

The city of Nashville is known for many things, but especially for its history! Here, visitors discover everything from Civil War battle sites to grand family estates. What better way to enjoy this historic city than to tour Andrew Jackson’s pristine plantation home, The Hermitage in Nashville? Here’s why you should explore what many consider to be one of the most well preserved homes of a former president!

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What To Do at The Hermitage in Nashville

Learn About Andrew Jackson’s Interesting Life

Embark on a guided tour of Jackson’s mansion, built between 1819 and 1821, and gain insight into his fascinating life. This man, known as “The People’s President,” first became involved with public service at the age of 13. Sadly, both of his brothers died in the Revolutionary War, and his mother from cholera shortly after. Since his father was already deceased, Jackson became an orphan at 14 years old.

At The Hermitage in Nashville, experienced instructors will provide you with in-depth knowledge of Jackson’s teenage years. At this time, he studied law, which set the stage for his future role as the President. Learn about Jackson’s journey from orphan to Commander-in-Chief, his role as a general in the War of 1812, and the White House legacy he left behind.

Explore the Mansion and the Museum

In 1830, the plantation house underwent a large-scale renovation. Jackson redesigned the existing rooms and added both an east and west wing. Now, the mansion is comprised of 13 rooms, including a library, large dining area, and a farm office.

The home has been immaculately restored with some original wallpaper, furnishings, and family belongings still intact. History buffs will love the chance to explore a well preserved building entrenched in history.

Be sure to stop by the Andrew Jackson Visitor Center to peruse the museum exhibits. Gain even more insight into Jackson’s life at the “Andrew Jackson: Born for a Storm” exhibit. Then, check out the “First Hermitage: Words Apart, Side by Side” to view artifacts from the time.

Roam the Gardens and Grounds of The Hermitage Nashville

After walking through the farmhouse, enjoy a self-guided tour of the grounds. A self-guided tour includes access to the one-acre garden, Hermitage Church, slave quarters, and Tulip Grove mansion.

Enter the original farmhouse, known as the “First Hermitage,” where the Jackson family stayed during construction of the main house. Discover the wonder of the garden, where some of the trees and flowers planted in Jackson’s time continue to flourish. Finally, visit the museum store at the end of your tour to take a piece of American history back with you.

Stay Near The Hermitage in Nashville!The Hermitage in Nashville

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